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Envision the harmony of your hormones as the intricate notes of an orchestral symphony. Each gland in your body is like a part of the orchestra with the gland’s production of hormones similar to the creation of notes from each instrument. The pituitary gland in the brain is the conductor – instructing and encouraging action to come from the other sections. Thyroid, testes, pancreas, and adrenals like their counterpart brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion work in concert with each other. If one part of the orchestra is lagging or imbalanced it affects the entire ensemble. So too for our hormones – a change in one or more hormones will also affect the actions and balance of the rest.

Changes in hormone levels can result from natural transitions like puberty, and andropause (the decrease in a man’s hormones at mid-life associated with aging). Stress can also cause temporary or long term disruption in hormone production. Ageless Me endeavors to maintain hormone balance that is appropriate for each stage of a man’s life. Bio-identical Hormone Restoration Therapy (BHRT) is about managing stress, preventing or treating symptoms of hormone imbalance, and reducing risks. Hormones are restored to an optimal level but not replaced since it is not natural or necessarily safe for a man in his fifties to try to have the hormone levels of a 25 year old.

When you have a consultation with an Ageless Me practitioner you will discuss your current symptoms, medical history, family history, risk factors (including cancer and heart disease), dietary and lifestyle measures as well as supportive therapies (including vitamins, herbs, and other supplements). Your personal information remains confidential and is collected to enable educated decisions to be made for your personal wellness plan.

Consultations occur in person or via Skype video conference with our practitioners.

Ageless Me may require current hormone testing to be completed prior to meeting with our practitioners so that all pertinent information is available during your appointment. Once you complete your consultation you will receive a personalized treatment plan that may include suggested prescription BHRT, supportive therapies, lifestyle and dietary management for your symptoms. Your practitioner will also suggest further resources so that you can acquire more knowledge about any of your therapies.

Ageless Me works closely with specially certified compounding pharmacies to ensure that your individualized BHRT is made accurately and quickly so that you can get started with the therapy that is best for you.

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